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Spinal Decompression (flexion & distraction) is a non-surgical, non-invasive approach to treating disc bulges, disc herniation, and other spine conditions. A chiropractic spinal decompression table applies mechanical traction to a specific area of the spine. Spinal Decompression is extremely effective in treating disc bulges and disc herniation. When the spine is mechanically tractioned at a specific level, a negative pressure is created within the herniated disc. This results in a vacuum effect, which helps reabsorb the herniated portion of the disc into its normal location. When this is achieved, pressure is decreased on nerves and the spinal cord, allowing for decreased pain and increased mobility.
Spinal Decompression is a non-surgical, doctor-controlled, hands-on spinal manipulation performed with the patient lying on a specially designed table. This table permits the effective administration of flexion-distraction and decompression adjustment and manipulation.

Well-researched and documented, flexion-distraction and decompression helps relieve spinal pain and return patients to their desired quality of life by …

  • Ddropping intradiscal pressure to as low as -192mm Hg
  • Widening the spinal canal foraminal area by 28%
  • Reducing pressure on the spinal nerves
  • Returning motion to the spinal joints

The goal of spinal decompression is to help the spinal pain patient go from “pain” to “no pain” as quickly as possible.



How fast? Flexion distraction for low back pain conditions takes just 12 visits in 29 days average. (1) Flexion distraction for neck pain conditions takes just 13 visits average. (2) Now if you have a disc herniation, logically, that will likely take more visits/days than if you have a sprain or strain. Plus, these are just averages. Some back pain and neck pain sufferers find relief in just a visit or two.

Note: Flexion Distraction follows evidence-based and documented protocols. The federally funded studies use and test them. Flexion distraction doctors read them in the medical-published textbooks and peer-reviewed journals.
The goal of flexion distraction care is at least 50% relief of pain in 30 days before any advanced imaging or testing is ordered. (Have no fear! If you are getting progressively worse or have cauda equina symptoms (can’t control your bladder or bowel), you would be referred immediately!) 91% of patients are satisfied with flexion distraction in 90 days.
Evidence-based spinal decompression is appropriate for conditions causing low back and leg pain as well as neck and arm pain. It also reduces pain attributable to …

  • Disc Herniation
  • Slipped Disc
  • Ruptured Disc
  • Facet Syndrome
  • Stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Other Conditions

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